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Quotes I really enjoyed your book. It gave me the courage to finish writing my life story. Someone out their needs to know no matter what you go through you can be redeemed and restored. From Teenage, single mother to married and happy with my life and living my dreams. Quotes

Quotes Congratulations Andrina!! I am so happy, and blessed to have met you! Wow, it is amazing when we can see our accomplishments, and see how they have encouraged others!! I hope to attend one of your signings to get it autographed! Love you darling, and congrats!! Mary 'Cookie' Henry-Dill Quotes

Quotes Dear Mrs. Watson, There are those whom speak volumes without saying a word. There are those whom speak and never have a thing to say. Thank you for combining both and in that, making the world pay attention. Great job on a book so badly needed. Quotes
J. Whitmore
Poet and Owner of Melodic Soul Productions and Publications

Quotes KUDOS Andrina!!!! This book is going to speak powerfully to those single moms and teen moms out there to encourage and inspire them to never give up on their goals and dreams even if they are blessed with a child sooner than expected. Children are such a blessing from God and though we prefer them to come when we're in a better position, that doesn't always happen, but this book will show that teen moms can live above the statistics and achieve their goals. I recommend that all moms of single teen moms get this book for their daughters and help your baby know that she CAN do it! Quotes
R. Watson
Former Single Mom