Heart2Heart Publishing

On My Own Termz

This is an autobiographical story of a teen’s journey from single motherhood to marital bliss and all of the trials and triumphs in between.  Sharing in a most candid manner, Andrina Watson shows her understanding of the sacrifices and struggles of being a single mother and through her words of encouragement, endeavors to help our young ladies reach heights deemed unattainable by society.  Andrina Watson was determined to beat the odds and overcome her circumstances and so, refusing to become a statistic, shares how she did it On Her Own Termz.  This is a story that illustrates to single teen mothers how hard work, determination and faith, enabled her to achieve success in life and provides encouragement to them to do the same.  Through her passion to add to the lives of other single mothers, Andrina shares this inspirational story of success in the face of seemingly impossible odds.


Project Single Moms Worldwide

PSMWW is a national advocacy and empowerment movement created by My Daughter’s Keeper, Inc., a 501(c)3 educational and self-development non-profit organization based in New Jersey, to mobilize single moms to become the change they desire in their lives.  Through strategic partnerships with individuals, corporations, faith & community-based organizations, and government agencies, Project Single Moms Worldwide works to create opportunities to strengthen and enhance the quality of life for single mothers and their families.